Product List

General List Of Items Available

1.    Industrial Electric Heating Products:
o     Infrared Ceramic Radiators
o     Refractory Element Support Plates
o     Heating Elements
o     High Temperature Electric Heating Wires, in all grade and sizes
o     Steatite Ceramic Heaters, Hot Plates
o     Steal Tube Heaters all types
o     Air Heating Assemblies
o     Silicon Carbide Heating Rods

2.     Temperature Measuring and Control Devices:
o     Temperature Indicators/Controllers ON-OFF/Two Position Type
o     Thermocouples, PT 100 Ohms, J,K,R,S types in all sizes.
o     Special thermocouple for foundry use and surface temperatures
o     Thermocouple element Wires all types and all sizes.
o     Resistance Bulb Sensors (PT 100 Ohms)
o     Thermocouple Ceramic and Metal Tubes all types.
o     Thermocouple Fittings such as beads and heads. (Repair Jobs are also
o     Optical Pyrometers.
o     Infrared Pyrometers.
o     Control Panels are fabricated on Customer's Requirements.

3.     Furnace/Boiler's Fire Control and Safety Devices:
o     Pilot Burner with ignitor and transformer
o     Gas Burners, Oil Burners all types.
o     Protectorelay and Programers.
o     Gas Regulators from 1" to 3"
o     Solenoid Valves
o     U.V. Flame Detector, Flame Safeguard.

4.     Refractories and High Temperature Insulation Materials:
o     Castable Refractories Hydraulic Set Types AL-2, AL-3, Al-70, AL-80, AL-90, LW-3,
        LW-7 etc.
o     Ceramic wool Featherweight Refractory Insulation Products, blanket, board, rope,
        gasket, adhesive etc. etc.
o     Firebricks above 60% alumina in all standard & special shapes
o     Insulation Bricks - Diatolite-
o     Refractory Mortars and Cements all types
o     Ceramic Radiator Plates and other Industrial Ceramic Parts
o     High Temperature Refractory Burner Bricks in all shapes.

5.     Furnaces, Kilns And Ovens:
o     Furnaces for Laboratory Electric Heated up tp 1800 C.
o     Furnaces Gas Oil and Electric Heated for Metal Melting, Heat Treatment and
o     Kilns Gas, Oil and Electric Heated for Ceramic, Glass and Jewelery.
o     Ovens for Laboratory, Textile, Food and Metal Processing etc.
6.     Pressure Transmitters