Thermcraft Young,
Dynamic and Versatile

Thermcraft, as the name depicts, deals in materials, relating to heat, from thermal insulation, heating equipment to temperature controls & automation, which are available in large variety and a backup of dependable stock.

Thermcraft assigns its logo as “The Super Store for Materials & Instruments of Furnaces & Boilers” which justifies. Thermcraft serves all types of industry – what ever their production lines.

When building a new Oven, Furnace, Kiln or Incinerator, Thermcraft provides all the accessories, controls and materials  under one roof. Spares are readily available at nominal prices for immediate requirement.

Thermcraft specializes in producing high efficiency and accurate Thermocouples at nominal costs. (Thermocouple is heat sensing equipment). all standard types i.e J,K,R,S,T,B and E. Resistance temperature detectors such as Pt-100 ohms and Pt-2-100 ohms and other types are also available on demand, Temperature controllers, Recorders, Infrared temperature detectors .are supplied to many customers from stock ,Customer specifications are met at reasonable cost.

Thermcraft keeps stock of thermal insulations like Ceramic Wool, Rock wool, Glass wool . Refractory Materials like Firebricks, Insulation Bricks , Castable Refractories, Mortars are available in various specifications. Gas /Oil Burners , Heat Treatment furnaces, Melting furnaces and Ovens are provided by demand.

Thermcraft is in market since more than a decade completing its 20th year shortly. It is willing to grow and serve the industry of Pakistan by supporting standard products along with offering development and industrialization of country’s projects.